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The Music. 

THE HOLLISTER PROJECT * Where it all Began Vol. 1 & 2

What is “The Hollister Project”? - The "Hollister Project" is a collection of songs that will make up a Double Album Release in 2022. | Vol. 1 will be released on Jan. 11th, 2022 & Vol. 2 will be released sometime in the month of May.

Now and again, writing songs can come so fast & easy, but other times the tank seems empty. After a festive reunion of old friends & bandmates during those dark days of Covid, a surge of new songs came forward from Dec. 2020 - Sept. 2021 to help generate enough music for a double album release in 2022.

This material was not written in the normal fashion/method as years past. Each song was written and recorded just as they were intended. Not any were changed or altered to fit a specific style or genre. Many different styles and sounds were generated to produce an authentic original performance.

Billy Plucker stated, “I was always intrigued at engineering/producing my/our own songs and being the last person to have my hands on the mix prior to a release. A few things have now enabled me to do this; with all the advancements in home recording technology & not much money left to be made for musicians in the music business, this has allowed my dream to come to fruition. That being said, I am totally aware I will never be able to create the same professional recording that we received with engineer/producer Marc Golde at the Rock Garden Studio. Though, at this stage of my/our musical careers, we really only need to like the final production ourselves. If others enjoy, it is a big bonus. We sure hope you enjoy... 


Most tracks were recorded at: W-P Studio *except all "Live" drums & some bass tracks recorded at: Lost Lake Studio | Tracks were recorded on initial Pro Tools first software. | *All tracks (except; drums) were recorded live while utilizing an old school Shure 58 for vocals. Tracks were not cleaned or digitalized. Song inclinations were to be authentic sounds without perfection.

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