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 Release Date - April 12th / 2024
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Out the Box Mag - "It's Rock" Spotify streaming playlist is highlighting The  Hollister Project Vol.1 "Driving Away From Me" # 4 & Vol. 2  "Shine On Me" # 20 | Please support their playlist and listen to our music!

Before the Gig


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John Jordan, 105.7 WAPL /  HomeBrewed Producer

"Oh My God do I LOVE this Album!  Huge Congratulations to you and the guys Bill! I Can't wait to get this music on WAPL Home Brewed" 

John Jordan - 105.7 WAPL / WAPL Home Brewed (Prod.) /


Michael Popke, Longtime Wisconsin based Music Critic

"I was in the crowd at Sgt. Friday’s final gig in 1988 and attended Smoketree shows in the mid-2000s. The Hollister Project is a natural extension of both bands, with lead singer and chief songwriter Billy Plucker crafting highly listenable songs that reflect wisdom and perspective that only come with surviving the passage of time. Midwestern goodness resonates throughout this collection — proving that even during the pandemic’s darkest days, friendships endured and brightness emerged." 

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Frank Crispigna III, Former booking agent for The Producers

"Great Stuff!  Love the originality and variety throughout the Vol. 1  record. Can't wait for Vol. II

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